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Best the Best You Can Be!

posted Jan 15, 2013, 4:52 PM by Kathy Scheel
As we start into the pre-contest season, it brings us all to a higher level of focus and we set our sights on improving over last year.  We all know that we have continued to improve our skills, but putting it all together with the unity required for an even higher level of performance is what's challenging.  Are you aware that we have not had all our members at a rehearsal since last contest.  Nope - not even once.  I would love to work on the complete chorus sound and appearance - the total package.  How about you?   It's incredibly exhilarating to have OSC's full sound - and the energy you bring to chorus makes such a huge difference.  Everyone hears and FEELS the difference in the rehearsal when all singers are present.  Let's see if we can make attendance a priority this year, starting this week.  I loved a comment that Diana N-N made on facebook last week when someone asked her to come to a party on a Thursday night and she responded, "Thanks for asking but I have chorus that night."  That's what I'm talin' about!  It warmed my heart! That commitment and dedication - and maybe even an occasional sacrifice for the ensemble.  
Being the best you can be includes working on your music, your voice, your showmanship at various times during the week (not just at rehearsals).  But it also means giving yourself fully to the group effort.  As you know, the rewards are great --- friendships that last a lifetime, positive comments from people at performances, higher scores at contest, feelings of self-satisfaction at knowing that you've achieved something personally.  The list could go on and on - but you get the idea.   
I look forward to Thursdays - and hope you do, too!   Together, we'll all strive to be the best we can be!
Love - Kathy