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AUGUST IS "HOT" - in every way!

posted Aug 13, 2014, 4:31 PM by Kathy Scheel

I keep thinking about last night (August 12th) and how much fun our new songs are going to be!   And it’s great to see people returning from vacations and other activities – like:


·         Linda Barker

·         Kathy Smith

·         Crystal Sublette-Maciera

·         Kristin Bradshaw 


We welcomed in more 2 new members:  

·         Mary Hadley

·         Diane Elliott

Next week we’ll welcome Kathi Schie. 


Our guests keep returning – and plan to pursue membership in this great chorus:


·         Nancy Wilson

·         Brenda Dennis

·         Carol McGann

·         Shirley Ayer

·         Tami Basey

Next week, we hope to see these ladies back, too:

·         Briana Pierce

·         Brigid Zani

·         Nada Bushey


We started our new Duetto (cat song) last night and it’s definitely going to be a FUN one for us and our audiences!   There will be lots of creativity for the whole visual presentation – choreography,, staging, costumes,  makeup.   Let me know if you'd like to participate in some of that fun/zany planning!   You are all talented in myriad ways, and I encourage you to share your ideas (nothing is too crazy with this cat package).  It's going to take a lot of work/fun to polish it, so every member will RYM (Rock Your Mission) and do some focused homework. The piano tracks and video are here on our website Music Library - plus your section leaders are also available to help.  go ahead and schedule a mini-sectional anytme (helpul, fun, and usually yummy).
We made a decision about the package we’ll do in Reno.  We’ll be competing as part of the International Division – which means we’ll sing two contest-suitable songs and be judged like normal.  Of those attending last night, 16 of them voted for this option.  So we’ll be singing “Changes Medley” with the cat outfit underneath  (costume people –what a fun time you’re gonna have – get to work!). 
And we’ll sing the ballad “If You Love Me” with the cat parody.  I’ll send you the current scenario and lyrics in an email.  The Music Library here on our website has the song & learning tracks so go ahead and work on the ballad.  We need to be off the music in by Sept 9 so we’ll have a couple of weeks to work on it before we get coached by Marge Bailey on Sept 30).   We’ll start sectionals on that soon, so put aside some time to get ready!   I'm anxious to hear the song again - it's so beautiful. 
THANKS TO EVERY ONE OF YOU for your focus and fun!  Keep on this path - it's a great ride!