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APRIL 6-7 - T.E.A.M.

posted Mar 25, 2019, 9:38 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 11:32 PM ]
T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More!

This coming weekend, April 6-7, is going to be filled with coaching, polishing, learning, laughing, bonding, eating, videoing, brainstorming, voting, sharing, performing, inspiring, motivating, and so much more!   

Wear ALL BLACK (tops and pants) both days.  When we do the videos you'll be able to see yourself much easier with less distraction, giving us updated "cleaner" videos to post on the website for practicing.  

    Saturday:  9:00-5:00
    Sunday:  9:00-2:00
    Lunch will be 11:30-12:15 both days - bring your lunch.

Doors open at 8:30 both mornings, so try to arrive early so you can visit, put your costumes and other things somewhere, and get on the risers by 9:00.   Here are the things we'll get done over the weekend: 

Work on all the performance songs for the April 23 send-off mini-show:

      • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun  (light choreo)
      • Sister Act
      • Sweet Dreams (light choreo and props)
      • Fun in Just One Lifetime (split chorus)
      • Harmonize the World (review before Saturday)
      • The Parting Glass
      • And So it Goes
      • I'll Be Seeing You (light choreo)
      • After I'm Gone (choreo and props)

LEARN some of the things that create a powerful and positive impact on a performance, going from B to B+ singing.

TALK about contest, putting it in perspective, enjoying the journey, sharing your experiences.

WRITE a sentence about every member so I can take them home and work on a project for everyone.

SEE demonstration of how to apply stage makeup.

VOTE on the new management team and the 2019 Spirit Award.

BRAINSTORM ways each person can contribute to a membership growth campaign.

GET a copy of the sheet music for Change the World (learning tracks are in the Music Library).

VIDEO work - with the all-black clothes, and with the new costumes on.

PERFORM for each other.

COORDINATE carpools to the Portland Airport in May.

VISUALIZE your own perfect performance!


  • Lunch - 45 minutes for lunch both days
  • Costumes - tunic, leggings, shoes, socks, supportive undergarments, earrings, fascinators (& pink undies)
  • Props
    • Pizza boxes – 3 boxes by Leah 
    • Large beer cans –  several to play with, scattered across risers - Leah
    • Dog – 1 furry canine by Karlene
    • Luggage – need to choose - I have a few signs, but need travel “stickers” to tape on them - who can help with this?
    • Pink “undies” – front row (and me)
  • Water bottle or large cup
  • Notes for members - 1 sentence about each member (see my emails and attached to bottom of this article).




Kathy Scheel,
Apr 1, 2019, 10:51 PM