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APRIL 23 (Send-off Mini-Show)

posted Apr 16, 2019, 11:42 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Apr 17, 2019, 12:21 PM ]
"What is it that we're living for?  Applause!  Applause!"   Yes, it's time to transition from rehearsal mode to performance mode!  I know that you love performing as much as me and I bet you're as excited as me to show our families and friends what we've been doing.  The annual send-off performance is always so much fun because everyone gets to see us up close & personal and it's great to feel all that love and support from our loving audience.  
Wear/Bring:  Try your best to be ready before when you arrive so we can spend the maximum amount of time getting musically and mentally prepared to perform.  Wear your leggings, shoes, socks, supportive undergarments, earrings, and have your hair and makeup done, so you'll be able to focus.  Do NOT wear your tunic while driving as it will wrinkle/crease. Do some vocal warmups (bubbles/sirens) throughout the day and on your way there.  Here's a list of all the pieces and parts that you'll need:
  • Black leggings
  • Undergarments 
  • Opaque black socks
  • Black chorus shoes
  • Tunic
    • Approved by costume chairs
    • Ironed and wrinkle-free
  • Dangle earrings
  • Fascinators (Linda O'Donnell has all of them)
  • Pink panties for front row (Linda O'Donnell has all of them)
  • All props
    • Pizza boxes
    • Beer cans
    • Dog
  • Hair done bigger than normal with plenty of spray so the fascinator is easy to place
    • Linda/Cindy will have a team of people to do this for everyone.
  • Heavy street makeup - one shade darker than usual, pink-toned cheeks, brown eyeshadows, eyebrows lined, eyeliner, mascara, red lip liner, and red lipstick (Pam White will have the chorus red lipstick on hand.)
  • Snacks - let Judy Gobat know if you're bringing something and she'll designate a table near the back of the room.  Easy finger foods, salty or sweet.  


5:00    Setup - chairs, table for snacks, napkins, paper plates, sound system, risers, props, folding wall
5:30    Rehearse - focused 
7:15    Put on tunics, fascinators, touch up makeup and hair
7:30    Doors open - greet guests and help them find seats
7:55    Get lined up and ready to perform
8:00    Showtime!  (I'll ask my son to video for us)
8:30    Group photo, showtime


Do whatever homework you need to do to be fully prepared to perform your very best - musically and visually.  Take the steps that will bring you the greatest amount of confidence, which leads to a high degree of JOY for you and for our audience!

I'll open the show by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their support as you enter the risers (w/props).
    • HAPPY TOGETHER                (choreography)
      • Elaine - life is short, let's have fun in this lifetime
    • FUN IN JUST ONE LIFETIME (split chorus in the middle of the song)
      • Elaine - we all need friends who understand when things go wrong
    • AND SO IT GOES                    (sopranos in "V" in front; everyone else in friendship clumps)
      • Elaine - tell about all the fun girls
    • GIRLS WANNA HAVE FUN     (choreography)
      • Elaine - tell about the sisterhood of OSC
    • SISTER ACT                            (semicircle across the front of risers)
      • Kathy - introduce Sweet Dreams while someone turns off the lights and gloves are put on
    • SWEET DREAMS                    (stay in semicircle, lighted gloves come forward)
      • Kathy - introduce quartet
    • OSC sit down on ends of risers (leave space in middle)
    • 2 SONGS - contest set - featuring our very own Karlene Hancock
      • Kathy
    • AFTER I'M GONE                    (characterization, showmanship, choreography, props 
    • I'LL BE SEEING YOU              (sparkling eyes, passion, and energy)
      • Elaine - thanks for coming, Celtic pub song to say goodnight
    • THE PARTING GLASS            (3 sections)

The mini-show should be over by 8:30, and after the last song, we'll have lots of time to socialize and hear all the wonderful comments from our families and friends.  

THIS IS GONNA BE A BLAST!  You're singing so well and it just gets better and cleaner and more beautiful every week.  Keep adding one more degree of energy every day!