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APRIL 2012

posted Apr 15, 2012, 4:52 PM by Kathy Scheel
Post-contest is always a time of "whew" and renewal - recharging our batteries after the weeks and months of preparation for that wonderful moment on stage in front of our loving region (and a big worldwide audience on the webcast).   It's a time when we realize there is "life after contest" !!   So we're starting on new songs (From a Distance, Time After Time, and After You've Gone - with a parody twist).   The following items have been loaded onto the website:

TIME AFTER TIME:  sheet music, learning tracks, word sheets, and Melodeers chorus performing it
FROM A DISTANCE:  sheet music, word sheets, and lead track
AFTER YOU'VE GONE:  word sheets

Get started learning these wonderful songs so we're ready for coaching this summer. 

Also be sure to keep all the chorus repertoire fresh so we can be ready to perform at any time.   Or get together with others in your section to have a little fun while getting updated - social time is a great thing!!