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AIM (Adventures in Music)

posted Jan 20, 2014, 9:30 AM by Kathy Scheel

I will be writing a report to the CMT on the things I learned, heard, and experienced at AIM this past weekend – and want to say thank you for sending me to these workshops.  It is always so inspirational to be surrounded by 350+ women who have the same passion for this art form and this organization.  There is a tremendous amount of energy in the room during the main classes, smaller presentations are well prepared and meaningful, and the members of Region 12 are so very appreciative of those of us from Oregon who are able to attend in person.  Tammy Roberson and Margie Talley also attended and will be sharing their experience with you soon. 

Marcia Pinvidic (SAI President-elect) was scheduled to be the International Faculty but she got sick on Thursday and could not travel.  So the Education team kicked into gear and we got Lori Lyford -  the Master Director 700 of Scottsdale Chorus!  They’ve won the International Championship a few times, and Lori is an incredibly entertaining teacher who really knows her stuff when it comes to vocal skills and finding ways to pull more emotion out of the songs.  She presents information in such a fun way – and gets everyone involved.  The Region 12 Librarian (Sherry King) tells me that the DVDs of the weekend will be available in a few months, so if you’re interested in renting a video from other events, you can contact her via the website (www.sairegion12.org ). 

I’m excited to let you know that the Region 12 Management Team is researching various technologies that will allow long-distance members to “attend” classes on line, almost the same as being there in person.  The hope is that people can participate via Zoom or oo-Voo or FaceTime or Skype – there are several options for this type of technology to be put to use in this way.  The members of OSC could gather at one person’s house (or, in our case, more likely several gatherings in the various communities where we live) and we could watch the class, hear the presenter, be able to ask questions (like on a webinar), and be involved.  It’s likely (and fair) that there will be a small registration fee, but it will be well worth it to be able to take part in the education that Region 12 offers its members.  They do much more than Region 24 and they are trying to find ways to expand their reach to include the Oregon members.

As I have mentioned previously, Region 12 is bringing their LAW (Learn Arm Waving) School north to Eugene on the weekend of May 17th.  The LAW Coordinator (Susan Zarchy) contacted me a few weeks ago to “pick my brain” about the event, asking lots of questions about location, timing, etc.   She was originally planning to hold LAW in Medford and I was successful in convincing her to move it north to the Springfield/Eugene area, and to hold it in mid-May (instead of early May).  I urge OREGON SPIRIT CHORUS to attend this educational workshop.   (Note: We need a LAW Coordinator, so see Linda Barker if you can get information from Region 12 and then share it with our members, and help us get registered.)   LAW is not just for directors and section leaders – but we will need choruses for the directors/assistants/section leaders to practice with.   You will get to learn a new song and sing in a large LAW Chorus with others from around Oregon.  I don’t yet know if it’s just a Saturday event, or whether there is something happening on Friday, but our LAW Coordinator (maybe you??) will find that out and let us know soon.   For now, MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR MAY 17th Weekend!

Another exciting thing to share is that the Region 12 Education Coordinator (Julie Starr) and Directors’ Coordinator (Barbara Vanderputten) are planning a visit to OSC either before or after LAW School.   They want to meet with us and find out what we do – who we are – what we want – etc. 

This region is so very warm and welcoming – I lost count of how many people said “We’re so glad you’re here.” And they truly mean it.

Love - Kathy