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Adventures in Music....and more!

posted Nov 4, 2016, 11:00 AM by OregonSpirit
Every January and September, our Region presents a high-level educational workshop for all the members:  AIM - Adventures in Music.  The workshop always features a International Faculty as well as experienced Regional Faculty, educators from right here in our very own region (many of whom have served as Judges or International Faculty).   I encourage each of you to save your money and plan ahead to attend as many of these educational workshops  as possible.  They are held in Sacramento in January and September and I guarantee it is worth the extra effort.

Carole Persinger, who recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Sweet Adelines in Las Vegas, is the International Faculty.  She is an Expression Judge and formerly the President of Sweet Adelines International.  She has a wonderful sense of humor in the way she teaches and you will thoroughly enjoy her and learn a ton of new things!  Here is a sneak peak of the classes being offered to the general membership at the AIM scheduled for January 20-21.

  • Elements of Clean Singing - in All Four Categories
  • Arrangers Class - Using Finale
  • Marketing Your Chorus in the 21st Century - not just for marketing leaders, for every chorus member
  • Together in Harmony - YWIH Workshop for ages 13-25
  • The Joy of Movement
  • Singing and Dancing:  The Sound and Showmanship Categories
  • New Regional Songs - Goodnight, My Angel and The Best of Times (led by Kathy Scheel)
  • Quartets Build Stronger Choruses - strengthen individual skills thru quarteting
  • Successful Sectionals - Getting the most from your section rehearsals
  • Music and Lyrics: The Music and Expression Categories
  • You Be the Judge!
  • Building a YWIH Program in Your Community - what's working today; encouraging the next generation of Sweet Adelines

Plus there is always a Novice Quartet and Double Quartet Parade on Saturday evening.  I would love it if OSC could send a group to perform someday!  Put that on your bucket lists!  This region absolutely LOVES OSC!

Oregon Spirit Chorus is a long distance away from most educational weekends, so we're missing out on these awesome opportunities to learn about the barbershop art form from the very best educators in the organization.  There are DVDs available to rent from the regional library (go to the regional website to check them out) but it's sure not the same as being there in person.  The region has also talked about live-streaming the international faculty classes but the facility in Sacramento is not conducive to making that happen.  There are a couple of things planned next summer 2017 that will be closer to home:

  • June 9-11 - Summer Spectacular: The Musical, at Simpson University in Redding, CA.  Many of you attended the one in 2013 and know how awesome it was.  You'll sing in one of three large choruses (100+ singers) and put together a performance package that's unique to your group.  I'm the Program Manager for this workshop so I'm really hoping my chorus peeps will be there in large numbers!
  • July 22 - Oregon Days.  This is a combination of Area School and LAW School (Learn Arm Waving).  You'll be hearing more about that as we get into the new year.  But set aside that date for attending a regional event here in Oregon!

Meantime,  I know that January is a busy month with coaching and meetings and Saturday Session, but I hope you'll find a way to attend AIM, too.

With love and harmony,

Kathy Scheel