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ADVANCE with Dede !!

posted Dec 29, 2014, 7:21 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Dec 29, 2014, 7:27 PM ]
I know that all of us look forward to our weekends together, and especially when Dede Nibler comes to town!   She adores us and is really looking forward to being here on January 10-11.   We've got some very important topics to talk about with the chorus, and Dede is going to give us some great tips gained from her personal experience as the Director of a chorus that competed in the Harmony Classic competition.  We've had several Skype sessions and I feel so blessed to have her as my friend and mentor - and our favorite coach.  I always feel "high" after our conversations!
Below is the schedule for our weekend of Advancement.  (If you are not able to attend a session, try to come to at least part of it. Let me and your section leader know your plans.)
9:00 -   Physical / Rhythmic Exercises
9:05 -   Vocal Skill-Building
9:45 -   Presentation by Dede / Kathy about Reno and Las Vegas
10:30 - CATS performance package
12:00 - Lunch - bring your own; kitchen has refrigerator and microwave (45 minutes)
12:45 - Valegrams groups perform (2 songs each)
1:00  -  Coaching
3:30  -  Fun wrap-up for the day
4:00 -   Dinner together somewhere TBD ....[CMT privately with Dede]
000 -   Breakfast - on your own
9:00 -  Physical / Rhythmic Exercises
9:05 -  Vocal Skill-Building
10:30 - Coaching
12:00 - Lunch - Elks has inexpensive lunch available (45 minutes) (also see OSC Events update for more info)
12;45 - Valegrams groups perform (2 songs each)
1:00 -   Coaching
3:00 -   Wrap-up
3:30 -   Head home
Things to remember....
  • Prepare for the weekend by getting a really good night's sleep on Friday night; drink lots of water in the days leading up to the weekend. 
  • Also prepare for the weekend by knowing your material really well.  Let's show Dede (and me and each other) our high level of commitment to excellence!
  • Dede knows us but it's still helpful to wear your name badges.  If you have any cat stuff, bring it. 
  • If you need to leave for the bathroom or to sit for a moment, go ahead and do so, but come back to the risers asap.
  • Be flexible; this is going to be a very different type of session as we work our way thru the CATS package. I will be assigning speaking parts as we move thru the script, so if I call on you, I'll give you a script sheet to read and see how it sounds.  The current script is on its' 5th draft and will continue to evolve as we discover more opportunities for humor, personality, and movement.  There will be "background singing" in between the songs.  The current package is:
    • I Will Survive (cats have 9 lives, you know)
    • If You Love Me, Really Love (let it happen, I won't care)
    • In the Wee, Small Hours of the Morning (we'll learn this in February)
    • Duetto Buffo Du Quatro Gatti
    • (plus the little snippets in between songs...we're working on those)
  • The weekend will be videotaped, so you'll want to have your beautiful smile on (even when you're thinking or listening) so when you watch it to review the day's work, you will be delighted.
  • On Saturday night, it would be fun for the group to go somewhere together just to socialize and have some fun.  No firm plans have been made (and the CMT is having dinner with Dede so we can talk with her privately about some things), so if someone has ideas, let Margie or Tammy know.
Things to bring:
  • Water
  • Lunches
  • Money for dinner on Saturday if you want to go somewhere together and play for awhile
  • Chorus apron
  • Name badge
  • Sheet music and pencil so you can make notes if (when) there are changes made.
  • Recorders - ready with fresh batteries to capture the sessions so you can review them later.  I frequently make personal quiet notes to self when a coach is working with the chorus. 
Love - Kathy