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9/24/19 SUMMARY - 10/1/19 PLAN

posted Sep 24, 2019, 11:58 PM by Kathy Scheel

WOWEE!!   What an awesome open house we had tonight, with 17 guests!  Thanks to Leah Law and her whole team for all the work that went into making the evening a success.  And to all of you who helped set up the risers, and brought munchies, and helped in so many ways!   Here's a list of the guests tonight:


  • Kelli Seymour 
  • Tessa Blanchard 



  • Chris Moyers
  • Kathi Schie
  • Kathy Sandstrom
  • Sharon Dodge
  • Bree Gamble
  • EB Scott
  • Mercy Scott
  • Anita Eckstein


  • Dixie Lorange
  • Angela Beckner
  • Betty Jo Kraus
  • Phyllis Martin


  • Margie Talley
  • Joanie Shelton
  • Judi Haynes
  • Diane Mitchell

 It is just wonderful to have so many new voices on the risers to add to our strong core of Oregon Spirit singers!  And it looks like there are a few more expected next week!



The Elks has asked us to be out of the building no later than 9:30 from now on, so our rehearsal schedule will be adjusted slightly as follows: 

5:30-6:00    Setup, warmups

6:00-7:30    Christmas Chorus rehearsal

7:30-7:40    Quick shuffle (Note 1)

7:40-9:10    Regular repertoire rehearsal

9:10-9:25    Announcements (Note 2)



1)  If you are only singing in the Christmas Chorus, this is when you can quietly leave the risers.  Everyone else will stay on the risers and continue rehearsal.

2)  We will move into the chairs so the risers can be broken down & put away while we share news and announcements that cannot be done via email or website.



We reviewed all of the Christmas songs tonight and everyone did really well with sight-reading.  Each week, we will focus on 1-2 songs so we can really polish them.  We'll have section rehearsals for part of the time, to identify problem spots, and establish unity within each section.  Unfortunately, since we only have 90 minutes for the Christmas Chorus, the section rehearsals will have to be fairly brief.  The good news is that the section leaders are scheduling sectionals at someone's home on a separate date - one in October and one in November - so watch for news from your section leader about that.  Bring your calendars next week so you can decide on a date/time/place for those sessions.

If you are interested in joining the chorus full-time (not just for the Christmas season), that's wonderful news - so please let me know by mid-October of your intention.  This chorus will change your life in a profoundly beautiful way.  OSC is not just about the music, it's also the close bonds of friendship you'll form that will last a lifetime.



  • Do some sirens every day to keep the voice flexible.  Use lots of air and keep everything very relaxed and tension-free.
  • Practice breathing in the "pre-yawn" space each time you sing.
  • Remind yourself to resist collapse of the ribcage as you sing each phrase.
  • Review all 6 Christmas songs and mark your music where you are having problems so you can ask your section leader about them.



  • 5:45-6:00 - I'll lead some vocal warmups; also do some vocalizing on the way to rehearsals - sirens, bubbles, scales.
  • 6:00-7:30 - Christmas songs (90 minutes)
    • Winter Wonderland
    • Scarlet Ribbons
    • Mary, Mary Rock  (15-minute sectional) 
  • 7:30-7:40 - Quick shuffle (10 minutes)
    • Most singers remain on risers; others may leave
  • 7:40-9:10 - Regular songs (90 minutes)
    • After I'm Gone
    • I'll Be Seeing You
    • Change the World
  • 9:10-9:20 - Announcements 
    • If announcements can be made on the website or via email, that is preferable.
    • If not, this is the time to share news, while the risers are being put away.
    • Make sure we are out of the building by 9:30.


GUESTS pictured left to right:  Margie Talley, Diane Mitchell, Angela Beckner, Betty Jo Kraus, Dixie Lorange, Phyllis Martin, Joanie Shelton, Chris Moyers, Kathi Schie, Kathy Sandstrom, Anita Eckstein, Sharon Dodge, Bree Gamble, Kelli Seymour, Mercy Scott, Tessa Blanchard, EB Scott  (not pictured, Judi Haynes)