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2014 ... New Year, New Music, New Members, New YOU!

posted Jan 13, 2014, 4:40 PM by Kathy Scheel
Every year in January, people (especially women) make big changes in their lives.  This is when we reassess our priorities - take a look at what we've been doing, and decide whether we need to make some adjustments.  Mine (and I'm writing it publicly here for accountability purposes) is to get more fit - lose some weight - and be kinder to myself.  This is the only body I have and it's starting to show signs of wear and I need to pay closer attention to how I'm treating it/myself.   What is your new goal - personally?  What is your goal - as a member of OSC?   Since it's easiest to measure our goals as they relate to contest results, I believe my goal for OSC would be to score higher than 595 this year.  Although that's a really great score (B+), a higher score would validate that we are singing better, more accurately, with purposeful showmanship, and a joy of performing that transcends technique. 
Of course, we cannot guarantee anything at contest.  We KNOW we are singing great (think of how good "Can't Buy Me Love" already sounds), but there are all kinds of things that can potentially affect our scores at contest.  We have no control over that.  We we can control is how we feel about ourselves before, during, and after that exciting performance.   So I would like you to write a letter to yourself, dated January 13, 2014 - and you will read it on April 27, the day after contest.   What I'd like you to write in this letter is how you want to feel that "morning after".  How you want to feel about your performance on that stage.  How you want to feel about the women you will be meeting in Region 12.  How you did on personal goals you set for yourself. 
It's about the journey - not the destination.  We work on our skills each week, building upon them, layer by layer, and then we stop for a brief moment and show our peers what we've been doing, and the expert judges tell us where we are at that moment in time, and then we come back and work some more.  Sprinkled throughout that work will be days like last Saturday - when we worked on new music, laughed, talked about the show together, worked on our costumes, practiced our visual plan, did some self-discovery exercises (brain color), had lunch together, and sang some more.   It was a full day - but an incredibly rewarding one from my perspective. I loved every moment of it - and it's just a short step in our journey together.
I look forward to many more steps ahead this year - with all of you by my side.
Love - Kathy