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posted Aug 14, 2019, 9:41 AM by Kathy Scheel

 I love coming back to chorus after attending a fabulous musical workshop!   There are so many awesome new concepts and tools to share and you are all so terrific at opening your minds and hearts to try new things!   Thanks again for supporting my continuing education - I'm sure you realize that YOU are actually the beneficiaries of these seminars!




This is the motto of the Ronnige Show Chorus (International Champions), who also have an awesome weekly CHECK-IN process.

  • What do you want to feel at the end of rehearsal?
    What do you want to be thinking about during rehearsal?
  • What attitude do you want to possess and exhibit?

And, boy, you all were wonderful all evening!  Here are a few exercises we did - you can do them on your own this week.

Take a big breath and slowly exhale, paying attention to the action of the abdominal muscles.  When you are out of breath, do nothing except release the abs.  The air automatically comes in!  It's that easy!   So when you are singing and get to the end of a phrase, simple release the abs and the air will come in quickly for the next phrase.  Practice this awareness and you will find that your voice's beauty will emerge and soar!

Place your hand gently on the front of your throat and feel the voice box (larynx).  Now pretend that you're going to yawn and you should feel the voice box move down about an inch.  That's an extra inch of resonating space!  Now take an intentional breath into that pre-yawn space and maintain the space while you sigh gently.  Do this several times and try to maintain the space longer each time.  Now do a few sirens as you maintain that space.  No pressure, all relaxed and easy.  Now try it with a few phrases of a song, seeing how long you can maintain that open, relaxed, pre-yawn space.  That will enhance your resonation and create a better blend across the whole chorus! 

Enhanced phonation = Resonance

Matched resonance = Blend 

Straw phonation extends the "tube" of the larynx and demonstrates how little pressure is needed to sing beautifully.  Do some straw phonation 3 times daily for about 2 minutes each, especially at the beginning and ending of a long session of singing, or on Wednesday mornings when your voice may be tired from Tuesday night's rehearsal (and lack of sleep because you're buzzed from the fun).  Put a straw into about 1 inch of water and bubble gently so that the bubbles are small and even (no splashing).  Now do a few small sirens up & down, up & down, up & down.  Repeat this several times very gently and concentrate on how relaxed your voice feels.  Put a few sticky notes around your house to remind you to do this 3x daily.  Or send yourself a reminder on your phone, a special chime.  The benefit to you is that you'll train your voice to sing with less tension; the benefit to the chorus is that all the voices are better blended and that's a really good thing in ensemble singing.


The Spirited Sister boa was presented by Diane Watson to Eileen Kemp for all of the things she does for Oregon Spirit Chorus - our coaching coordinator, beach trip coordinator, ticket chair, bass section leader!  And she is also an active member of the Columbia River Chorus in Vancouver (in Region 13) and travels over an hour to get to rehearsal each week.  So she is a really deserving recipient of the boa!

We also welcomed two guests last night:  Jess Wilberg (tenor) who found us through Meetup, and Lori Hartman (bass) who is a friend of Tammy Lantis.  It's great to meet new friends and have voices added to the chorus so keep 'em coming!


BUILD THE CHORUSLeah Law (Membership Chair) asked everyone to send your score sheets for the week to your team captain so we can watch the progress thermometer move upwards for the next six weeks until our big open house on September 24th.   Note:  Be sure to tell your friends that they don't have to wait until then to come and visit OSC!

DVLS HIGHLIGHTS - There were so many things that I brought home from the Directors & Visual Leaders Seminar and I'll continue to share just a few each week.  Here are some of the highlights from this week:

  • Mirror Neurons - When we see someone doing something, our mirrors the action.  So it makes a HUGE difference to an audience how we present ourselves.  If we look uncertain or fearful, the audience will mirror that and feel those same thing.  Practice looking confident and powerful!  See the Wikipedia description at:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neuron
  • Adrenalin gets in the way of stamina.  Even if we rehearse a song really well on Tuesdays, your heart rate is compromised by adrenalin and affects the performance, so doing exercises that increase the heart rate will help you perform better.  Here's a simple way to approach it:  
    • 220 minus your age = Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
    • Exercising so that you reach 80% of your MHR will increase your stamina 
    • This trains your body to better control your adrenalin and increase your stamina!
    • And.... this will also increase contest scores because you'll be able to perform the plan.

We reviewed some songs, using a few "emoticards"  to hear the tremendous difference it makes when everyone is singing with the same emotional entention.  Be sure to check your note accuracy on some of these songs to be sure you haven't morphed into some inaccuracies.  
  • Happy Together - sing it JOYFULLY  (ecstatic was just a bit too edgy)
  • And So it Goes - sing it HOPEFULLY (sadly was too slow and durgy)
Great job, ladies - the three new songs we learned this summer are ready for evaluations.  If you haven't already completed your self-evaluations, do that right away!  Generally speaking, the self-evaluations are done at about the 3rd week (using the attached sheet) so you can check yourself to be sure you're singing the right notes, words, and rhythms.  You may want to use the word sheets found in the Music Library to circle places that need specific attention.  If you want to send a recording to your section leader, let her know right away so she'll have time to give you some thoughtful/helpful feedback in time to incorporate before the next rehearsal.  We will do evaluations on these three songs next week.  
  • Change the World
  • Whether Good, Whether Bad
  • Mary, Mary Rock

NEXT WEEK (8/20)
  • Evaluations as noted above.
  • Feliz Navidad - bring sheet music to review with piano; will have sectionals the following week.  
  • Scarlet Ribbons - bring sheet music to review; will have sectionals in a few weeks.
  • I'll Be Seeing You - full performance mode 
  • After I'm Gone - full performance mode (practice choreo and character before next Tuesday)
  • Sister Act - work with your PanoTuner app to keep this in tune.  Sing with positive energy & joy! 
  • And.... possibly two auditions!!



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  There are so many wonderful things happening at chorus - WOWZA!
  • STRAW PHONATION -  Everyone got a straw (if you missed rehearsal, go find a straw and put it in your chorus bag).  Vocalize through the straw.  Yep, it's that simple!   Start with a fairly big straw, then you can change to a smaller straw after you've gotten used to the feeling of singing through a tiny hole.  What are the benefits to straw phonation, you ask?  Well, you can Google it and see lots of very interesting and informative articles on the internet, but here are a couple that I found very useful:
    • https://www.voicescienceworks.org/straw-phonation.html
    • http://www.voiceovervoiceactor.com/raise-your-voice/2013/12/05/straw-phonation-a-great-exercise-to-strengthen-the-vocal-cords/
  • Try to do this exercise each day - each song is only 2.5 minutes long 

  • Barb Usera presented the Spirited Sister boa to Diane Watson for her kindness and help in making Barb feel so welcome at OSC.
  • Karen Wildman (Show Chair) conducted a show meeting before rehearsal.  Watch for an email from Karen with details and updates.  This show will take a lot of volunteerism so if you haven't already offered to help in some area, Karen can tell you where she needs you.
  • Denise Taylor (Team Leader) introduced Leah Law as our new Membership Coordinator.  Give Leah a huge hug for agreeing to take on this important role.  
  • Diane Watson & Janet Owen (Marketing and Communications Coordinators, respectively) presented a great new activity called "Grow that Chorus".  If you missed last night, you will be getting information from one of your team captains on how it works and what you can do to earn points, and a free dinner!   There are two teams:  
    • HI-LOS (basses & tenors):  captain/cheerleader:  Diane Watson
    • LEAD-A-TONES (leads & baritones)  - captain/cheerleader:  Hayley Bault
  • Cindy Meyers (Finance Manager) presented options on dues payments that will make your life easier.  Watch for an email from Cindy on this.
  • That's the Spirit Quartet sang for the chorus and they were great!  Tenor is Cindy Meyers, Lead is Barb Usera, Baritone is Linda O'Donnell, and Bass is Laurie Burk.  
  • There are two other quartets currently associated with Oregon Spirit (and rumor of a third one forming):
    • Party Time - Karlene Hancock and 3 non-OSC
    • Valley Girls - Judy Gobat, Denise Taylor, Diane Watson and 1 non-OSC
  • AFTER I'M GONE - Using straw phonation to maintain a steady tone with no tension. People noted that it improved their breath stamina, maintained energy (tuning), and also revealed some bad habits like not holding/stretching phrases.  I also noticed that there were no voices sticking out of the sound - the blend was awesome!
  • I'LL BE SEEING YOU - Using straw phonation, I heard the beauty and artistry emerge in this song.  
  • CHANGE THE WORLD - Continue to work with the learning tracks with a goal of being exactly in sync with your own part, as well as with all the other parts.  The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become and then can relax and just sing in the groove.  It's coming along really nicely and every week it gets better and better.  
  • WHETHER GOOD, WHETHER BAD - I just can't stop smiling when I hear you sing this special song, and it means a lot to me that many of you have in "stuck in your head" :)  Basses, I recommend that you use the PanoTuner app to be sure you are singing those B-flats in tune (or even slightly above the note), especially when they are in unison with the Leads in a few places.
  • MARY, MARY - Ya gotta love it when a song comes together on the first night we sing it!  This simple and fun holiday song will be a great addition to our Christmas repertoire.  I have uploaded a color-coded copy to the Music Library and highly recommend that you print this up as there were some places where the sheet music was incorrect, but the learning track is correct.  My copy also shows who has the melody.

  • Always bring your sheet music with you - paper copies so you can mark music as instructed.
  • We will review the 3 new songs you've learned this summer.
  • There are 3 songs that we'll perform on A'Cappella Spirit (December 7) that many of you have never sung before, so we'll start review these a little at a time.    
    • Feliz Navidad  (8-part with men)
    • Scarlet Ribbons
    • Let Freedom Ring
  • Refer to last week's Kathy's Korner for a full list of songs.
  • Check the chorus calendar to be sure you've got all the dates on your personal calendars (at home, in your purse, on you phone).  
  • August 23-25 is the annual girls' beach weekend.  There is still plenty of room at the house if you want to join in the fun, so let Eileem Kemp know (and those of us who are going need to reimburse Eileen).
  • September 24 is Sing Holiday A'Cappella, our open house/guest night to kick off Christmas Chorus.  Diane has prepared a flyer for you to share-share-share.  Spread the word about this opportunity for women to put singing back into their lives!
  • October 18-19 is a coaching weekend with Tori Postma.  We found out last night that we will NOT be able to use the Elks so watch for the new location.  You definitely don't want to miss the chance to work with this dynamic and very fun Showmanship Judge.

10 THINGS....

posted Aug 3, 2019, 3:35 PM by Kathy Scheel

Hi just saw this on Facebook and thought that I'd share it here.


posted Jul 31, 2019, 12:00 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Aug 3, 2019, 11:07 AM ]

We've got a couple of big dates coming up that will require everyone's focused work on several songs, so I want to give you some advance notice so you can go ahead and get started.

  • Coaching weekend with Tori Postma - October 19-20 (Sat-Sun)
    • Everyone is expected to be there, so make sure you've got it on your calendar.
    • We'll focus on the two contest songs and they are in need of lots of attention to bring them back to where they were 3 months ago.  Rehearse them at home as if you're preparing for the contest stage.  Video yourself, record yourself, practice in front of a mirror, etc.  
      • After I'm Gone
      • I'll Be Seeing You
  • A'Cappella Spirit Show - December 7
    • Most of the songs are familiar to the majority of you, but some are totally new.  
    • Holiday Songs
      • Happy Holiday
      • Mary, Did You Know
      • BankAmericard
      • Mary, Mary - will start August 6; review ahead of time
      • Scarlet Ribbons - will start in late August; review ahead of time
    • Non-Holiday Songs
      • Sister Act
      • Let Freedom Ring - haven't sung sing Hawaii 2016
      • Change the World
      • Star-Spangled Banner
      • Whether Good, Whether Bad

There will be section rehearsals on some Tuesdays, and more of the octet coaching sessions.  We're having an open house (membership drive) on September 24th, and it would be very helpful for our guests if the chorus is fairly solid on the songs.

Since our annual show is going to be very special with LoveNotes as our headliners, we hope to have a large number of guests to sing with the Christmas Chorus this year.  In order to ensure the best quality, everyone (including guests) will need to be evaluated for performance readiness - accuracy in order to perform on the A'Cappella Spirit show.  However, ALL GUESTS will be welcome to sing with us at the casual performances in December (such as Oregon Garden, Rotunda, retirement homes, etc.) without having to pass an evaluation.   If we need to fill in more time for a performance, we will do some sing-alongs and we could also have octets sing a few songs.  If you're interested in being in an octet, let me know and I'll coach you to prepare you for performing a couple of these songs:  
  • Go, Tell it on the Mountain
  • Peace on Earth
  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Rise Up, Shepherd

Love, Kathy

July 30, 2019 - PLAN

posted Jul 22, 2019, 10:03 PM by Kathy Scheel

5:30 - Show Meeting (all chairs need to be present)

6:30 - Socialize/visit with each other, meet new guests, get assigned Chorus Sisters

7:00 - Rhythmic and Vocal warmups, share about AIM weekend, Good News, Introduce Guests, Announcements

7:30 - Review
        -  After I'm Gone
        -  I'll Be Seeing You
        -  And So it Goes

8:00 - Development/Unit Sound
        -  Change the World
        - Whether Good, Whether Bad

9:15 - Wrap-up

9:30 - Afterglow - invite guests, unwind and visit with friends



posted Jul 17, 2019, 9:59 AM by Kathy Scheel

As we move swiftly through our beautiful Oregon summer, my thoughts are turning to musical preparations for the exciting show we're planning for December 7th.  Here is a list of the songs we'll be performing so you'll know which ones to review as you continue your personal journey on the Road To Excellence (RTE).

- Happy Holiday
- Mary, Did You Know
- BankAmericard
- Winter Wonderland
- Scarlet Ribbons
- Mary, Mary

- Let Freedom Ring
- Change the World
- Sister Act
- Star-Spangled Banner
- and MAYBE Whether Good, Whether Bad

In addition to these songs, remember that we will be coached by Tori Postma on October 19-20, and we'll have her work on the contest songs, too (After I'm Gone, I'll Be Seeing You).


MEMBERSHIP GROWTH:  Open House/Free Voice Lesson/Christmas Chorus Kickoff/A'Cappella 101/Barbershopalooza thing on Tuesday, September 24th.  So if you know any ladies who you think would like to sing with OSC, invite them (but they certainly don't have to wait until then to visit)!  The current plan for that evening is:

6:00 - 7:00 - Free group voice lesson
7:00 - 7:30 - Refreshments, socializing, get acquainted
7:30 - 8:30 - Review Christmas songs, talk about the show, auditions to perform on show, other performances, etc.
8:30 - 9:30 - Work on contest songs (in preparation for Tori's coaching)

GREAT JOB!   I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who've been working on your music in between trips to the beach, playing with the grandkids, family reunions, wine tasting, and all the other fun activities of summer.  I'm really impressed with the progress on both of the new songs (Change the World, and Whether Good, Whether Bad) and I'm confident that you'll all be off the sheet music by July 30th.  We had a really good small group (octet) rehearsal at JoAnn's home on Monday (thanks to JoAnn, Janet, Diane, Linda, Leah, Elaine, and Cindy) and we have one more small group rehearsal scheduled for Thursday, July 25th at Denise's home in Silverton.  That would be a great opportunity to come and solidify the songs.  Your self-evaluatons (part of RTE) are a great way to check your personal progress before then (this is part of OSC's ongoing quality control program).  Sing along with the other part-dominant tracks to check yourself, and then make a recording and send it to your section leader for loving and constructive review.  

BACK TO NORMAL   On July 30th, we're back to normal weekly rehearsals from 7:00-9:30.  We may have a few early rehearsals with the Christmas Chorus but I'll let you know about that in a few weeks.  It'll sorta depend on the musical progress of this year's "crop".   

FRIENDS   I know that all of you have developed close friendships with each other - that's such a beautiful result of harmonizing in a chorus together!   Did you know that there are several members come to the Elks early to visit and catch up since our rehearsal time is so valuable.  And almost every week, there is an ever-changing group of ladies who go to Denny's to unwind at the "afterglow".  These are awesome times for the special bonding that is one of the most important parts of chorus life!  

I've missed the sound of all of you singing together and can't wait until July 30th!   WOOPEEE!


posted Jul 9, 2019, 8:11 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jul 9, 2019, 8:13 AM ]

Hello everyone!  It's great to be back home from a wonderful vacation and I'm sure looking forward to seeing all of you soon!  July is going to be a really fun month for all of us with sectionals, small group coaching, the AIM weekend, and a fun gig at a winery.

I'll be working with the leads & baritones tonight (7/9) and the basses & tenors next Tuesday (7/16), from 6:30-8:30 both weeks.  My sincere hope is that everyone has spent some time learning the newest song!  I'd like to work on section unity and voice matching as much as possible.  We'll start off with a short vocal warmup together, then split into individual sections for awhile, then come back together for some duet work.  

It looks like we have 10 people registered for AIM at this time, but I'm pretty sure that several more of you are planning attend so try to register before Friday - that's the last chance to do it online; after that, you'll need to register upon arrival.  Also, the region needs more singers for Saturday's LAW School Chorus, so I hope you're all planning to participate in that fun and educational experience.  The song (Take My Sugar to Tea) is a fun and easy number and you should be familiar with it before you go, but we'll have brief sectionals on that Saturday morning of the weekend in case you need a little refresher.

I'll see some of you this Saturday at the Patton Winery, where we'll have an excellent opportunity to sing and tell women about Oregon Spirit Chorus.  I hope the group found time to rehearse the songs together so we can be great representatives of OSC!  If not, make sure you work on it before Saturday so you are totally confident and can thoroughly enjoy yourself.  I found a cute white top and pink earrings & necklace in Italy that I'm planning to wear - hopefully, my tan will last til then, too!

See you soon - I've missed all of you!

Love, Kathy


posted Jun 13, 2019, 3:17 PM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 17, 2019, 11:10 AM ]

I'm very happy to let you know that we have awesome coaches lined up.  After talking with my Music Team and agreeing on dates that would work well around other chorus activities as well as the mid-range plan, I contacted the following:

October 19-20 (Sat-Sun) - Tori Postma (Showmanship)  tentative, but mark calendars now!

January 11-12 (Sat-Sun) - Dede Nibler  (All-around coach for chorus & me)

February 7-8 (Fri-Sat) - Sandy Marron (Sound)  Note - it is FRI & SAT (nothing on Sunday)

March 14-15 (Sat-Sun) - Lea Beverley (expression).  This will be our ADVANCE weekend.

For now, mark your personal calendars and let your families know that this weekend is yours for OSC.


SUMMARY - 6/12/19

posted Jun 12, 2019, 9:30 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 12, 2019, 2:34 PM ]

We are sure glad the Elks has good air conditioning - it kept us comfy last night as 21 singers (and returning guest Marsha Eiding) worked on skill-building and checking accuracy on the new song.  We missed those of you who couldn't make it and hope to see you back next week - it's just not the same without you.  But I've gotta give a big shout-out to the leads who hung in there all evening: JoAnn Perry, Leah Law, and Kathy Smith (and Lynne Rice for part of the time).  You ladies rocked it - thank you!



  • Hayley Bault passed the Spirited Sister boa to Jennifer Steinmetz!  Sure love those ladies!
  • Denise Taylor announced that the CMT will be sending an email to all members with a brief survey and a call for a vote on a change of dues for Associate Membership.  Watch for that around the end of the month and please respond right away.
  • Register for SUMMER AIM!  Let's show the region that Oregon Spirit wants to learn and be a part of Region 12's educational program.  The planners want to know how many are attending each session.  Here's the easy link: 
    • https://www.sairegion12.org/dbpage.php?pg=view&dbase=events&id=84997
  • Karen Wildman announced that she will lead a meeting next week to discuss our show, A'Cappella Spirit: Holiday Harmony.  She invites everyone to attend, because everyone will have a job (takes a village!).  We have confirmed the following guest performers:
    • LoveNotes Quartet -  Look 'em up on youtube; can't wait to share them with the Salem communty!
    • Oregon SenateAires - I have proposed that we do an 8-part (men/women) song with them (Feliz Navidad) and will let you know when they confirm that part of the plan.
    • Almost Famous Quartet - Elizabeth Keller, Kim Chadwick, Donna Stewart, Katie Jacob
    • Willamette Girlchoir 
  • Some of you have not yet responded to the Doodle poll for small group/octet coaching.  I need to hear from ALL of you in order to finalize the schedule.  There are just 3 dates, so it truly just takes a moment.  Click on the link I sent you, fill in your name and the dates/times you can make it and, voila', you're done.  JoAnn Perry has offered her home for the July 15th sessions; still need a place (in Salem area) for July 24 and July 25.  If not, we'll do it at my house up here in Aurora.
  • If you have a potential guest, get her to come next week (June 18) because the rehearsal schedule for the next several weeks is very different than our norm.  See the "look-ahead" section below, and check the chorus calendar regularly to stay informed.
  • Since my expectation has always been that the chorus learn new songs in 3 weeks, I'd like to remind you of the best proven method of learning new material.  The secret is to LISTEN to the song several times, no singing, no humming, just listening.  Print out the document (attached below) "How to Learn a Song Quickly" and use this for 
    • Change the World
    • Whether Good, Whether Bad
    • And any other song that is presented - a couple of Christmas songs will be coming soon 


  • To remind your body where to "breathe to sing", take a big breath and gently hold for just a moment (no clenching or tension anywhere), then blow out while resisting collapse of the ribcage.  Feel the tummy slowly lift in/up to push the air out of the lungs, and strive to replicate that motion every time you breathe to sing.
  • Pretend you are going to yawn, feeling the widening of the throat, the lifting of the soft palate, the slight flaring of the nose - all that added space for resonating your sound.  Strive to maintain that space through an entire phrase of a song.  Repeat this several times and it will become more habitual so your body automatically takes this "pre-yawn" type of breath.  This is a method that Sandy Marron teaches, so let's show her we've been working on it (I'm trying to find a date for her to come and work with us again).
  • Breathe as if you are going to sing the note an octave higher than written.  This gives you an additional "lift" to the voice and lightens up any heaviness.
  • Do the Stemple exercises (as demonstrated by the LoveNotes quartet at Harmony College), trying for: 
    • Total freedom from tension anywhere - face, shoulders, arms, etc.
      • The softer the better.
      • Do each exercise 2x each, 2x daily
      • Good for the first warmup of the day and cool-down at the end of rehearsing
    • Sing EEEE (on an F note) as long and soft as possible - goal is 45 seconds - repeat 2X
      • Try MEEE to get the sound forward in the face and get air moving
    • Sing OHH from lowest to highest note as softly as possible - repeat 2X
    • Sing OHH from highest to lowest note as softly as possible - repeat 2X


  • AFTER I'M GONE -  Worked on the intro to establish energy, while maintaining smooth delivery, and more dynamic contrast.  Practice singing it on a LOO-LOO to get the feeling of connecting the words, and minimize/soften all hard consonants (T, D, C, B, etc.).  
  • SING & CELEBRATE - Everyone needs to go back and look at the sheet music and check accuracy; I'm hearing several wrong notes from each section.  This is the song we sing when welcoming new members into the chorus, so let's make sure it's of the highest quality to show our respect for them (and the music).
  • STAR-SPANGLED BANNER - The melody moves around from part to part on this arrangement, so take a look at it and you can see where you do (or do not) have the melody, and be aware of maintaining the proper chord balance so the melody is always predominant.  
  • I'LL BE SEEING YOU - Worked on making each held note come alive with some added energy/lift, propelling us into the next word/phrase.  Every breath should have a feeling of emotion and eagerness to tell the story.  And every face should be fully involved with a lovely, happy expression - take a look in the mirror and practice singing this with lots more facial expressions, changing (or refreshing) the expression on every phrase.
  • CHANGE THE WORLD - Most of the singers/sections are doing a great job on this song and after sectionals, we went through the song a few times together, then did the RTE (Road to Excellence).  I'll be hearing from the section leaders on progress and for those who either missed last night, or had accuracy problems, here's the next step:
    • Send a recording of you singing with your "part missing" track to your section's reviewer.
    • Sing in person for your section leader at a time of your mutual agreement.
    • Everyone is expected to be 100% accurate on this song by the end of the month.



Look closely at this closely - it's a little different each week.

  • June 18 
    • 5:30 - Show Meeting
    • 6:45 - Get ready for chorus - meet guests, do voice-placement!  Bring your guests tonight so I can meet them before leaving for vacation for a couple of weeks.  
    • Presentation by Linda O'Donnell on FUNdraising projects and the potential to make BIG BUCKS if we all participate!
  • June 25 
    • 6:30-8:30 - Everyone in sectionals for 2 hours.  Section leaders need all of you there in order to work on unity, problem spots, vowel matching, reminders about breathing space/vocal placement, etc.  You will also have time to do all the duet combinations, and maybe even some octet fun.
  • July 2 
    • Dark - no rehearsal since it's a holiday week.
  • July 9
    • 6:30-9:00
    • Leads and Baritones only (Basses and Tenors can stay home if you'd like)
    • I will work with leads for an hour; baritones for an hour; then duet for 30 minutes.
  • July 16 
    • 6:30-9:00
    • Basses and Tenors only (Leads and Baritones can stay home if you'd like)
    • I will work with basses for an hour; tenors for an hour; then duet for 30 minutes
  • July 20-21 (Sat-Sun)
    • Summer AIM 
    • Don't delay - register today!
    • Learn the song and set the example
  • July 23
    • No rehearsal, assuming all members will attend AIM.
  • July 30
    • 7:00 - 9:30 - Back to regular rehearsals; guests encouraged to come!
    • All new music learned so we can polish 
    • Start on music for the Dec 7 show (more info in a few weeks but here's the list of songs if you want to get started early:
      • Christmas songs (guests must audition with 2 songs to perform with us - more info later)
        • Happy Holiday
        • Mary, Did You Know?
        • BankAmericard
        • Winter Wonderland
        • Mary, Mary (new song - tracks are in the music library)
        • Scarlet Ribbons
      • Other songs (OSC only)
        • Let Freedom Ring
        • Change the World
        • Sister Act
        • and maybe Whether Good, Whether Bad



PLAN - June 11

posted Jun 5, 2019, 9:01 AM by Kathy Scheel   [ updated Jun 5, 2019, 9:07 AM ]

We're going to have a busy evening and I can't wait to see/hear you!   


·        I've heard that there are new guests planning to visit - that's awesome!  Keep 'em coming!  Actively go out and share the excitement and joy you feel about OSC and we'll meet our goal of 50 members!  Send me the names of your guests ahead of time so I can greet them personally when they arrive (you know how much that means when someone knows your name).  

·       If you are assigned as a Chorus Sister, take time to go through the contents of her guest folder with your new friend.  Introduce her to others, invite her to the afterglow, and help her feel a part of the group.

·        Guide her through the music on the risers as well as during sectionals.


·        You'll focus on "Change the World" to be sure you've worked out the problem areas

·        Go through other songs to make sure the singers are applying good vocal skills for total unity like:

o   breathing in the pre-yawn space, 
o   vowel matching
o   vocal placement
o   tempo
o   rhythm

RTE (Road to Excellence) 

·        As described in last week's Kathy's Korner article, you have already completed your self-evaluations on "Change the World" and are now ready to sing it for review.  Bring your copy of the sheet music and a colored pencil for your reviewer to use. She'll mark it up and give you some helpful feedback.

·        While we are doing the RTE, guests will meet with one of our members so they can ask questions (and not feel left out of the action happening on the risers).


·        We will review the following songs:

o   After I'm Gone
o   Sing and Celebrate
o   Star-Spangled Banner
o   I'll Be Seeing You

·        The new Song Priorities List is attached to this post and also is in the Music Library. I've moved up "Whether Good, Whether Bad" as you should be working on it now.



·        Register for Summer AIM - July 20-21.  You received an email with the link but you an just go to the Region 12 website and click on Events and you'll see it all there.  Go to: www.sairegion12.org 

·        Think about going to Fall AIM in August 16-18 because Oregon Spirit will be invited to perform on the Pep Rally which is a really thrilling experience - even better than contest because it's not being judged!  I'll take a show of hands soon so look at your calendar and see if we might be able to do accept this invitation (if we can truly represent OSC with a balanced group).  

·        Respond to the Doodle poll for coaching octets.  I've heard from 15 of you so far - but I need to hear from everyone before I can put the groups together.  Also, I would like to hold these sessions in the general Salem area, if possible, but I don't yet have a home for July 24 or July 25.  Go to:  https://doodle.com/poll/v4xssvxnww4rzz4t

·        Read the Chorus/Director Agreement that Denise Taylor sent out recently so you'll know what you are agreeing to when you sign it. 

·        Read your chorus emails at least every 2 days in order to keep current on plans and activities.  And respond to emails as requested right away; if you think you'll "do it later", it often gets forgotten (and avoid using "reply all" ).

·        If you are going to miss a rehearsal, let your section leader and me know well ahead of time.  We all know that summer is when we take vacations but if there's any way you can plan yours between Tuesdays, it would sure be helpful so we can keep the music moving forward and not lose all the skills we learned as we prepared for contest.  

·        Be sure your information (profile) is correct on the Region 12 website.  If not, it means it is not correct on the Sweet Adelines International database.  

·        Give a big hug to each member of the newly installed Chorus Management Team:

1.      Team Leader - Denise Taylor
2.      Finance Coordinator - Cindy Meyers
3.      Marketing Coordinator - Diane Watson
4.      Membership Coordinator - Lynne Rice
5.      Communications Coordinator - Janet Owen
6.      Ways & Means Coordinator - Linda O'Donnell
7.      Events Coordinator - Pam White
8.      Director - Kathy Scheel


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