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Barbara and Margie T

posted May 6, 2014, 9:06 AM by OregonSpirit
This week Diane passed Barbara S Hop on to Margie Talley to welcome her back to OSC and recognize her amazing contributions coordinating our trip to Reno and stepping up to join the CMT.

Week 1 -  Kathy Scheel to Lori McGinty
Week 2 - Lori McGinty to Janice Lacombe
Week 3 - Janice Lacombe to Toni Roush
Week 4 - Toni Roush to Kathy Smith
Week 5 - Kathy Smith to Elaine Rosenberg
Week 6 - Elaine Rosenberg to Lu Webster
Week 7 - Lu Webster to Judy Kroll 
Week 8 - Judy Kroll to Judy Gobat
Week 9 - Judy Gobat to Diane Watson
Week 10 - Diane Watson to Margie Talley