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posted Oct 21, 2011, 8:03 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 21, 2011, 8:03 PM by OregonSpirit ]
CMT Meeting Highlights - October

The CMT is keeping up with the times! Two of our members, including our director, participated in our October meeting via Skype teleconferencing. It is part of our effort to make participation in the CMT easier (and cheaper) for those who have to drive a distance to get to Salem. 

POINSETTIA season is upon us!  Now that the OSC Nut Sale is nearly complete, it is time to start gearing up for our annual poinsettia sale! We will be ordering the poinsettias from Fessler's Nursery again this year. If you recall, last year's plants were very full and beautiful. We will be offering three sizes: a 6 1/2 inch pot for $12.00, an 8 inch pot for $16.00, and a 10 inch pot for $20.00. OSC's profit will be a little over $4.00 per plant.  Order forms will be available soon, and all orders will be due by November 10th. The date and location for the plant pick-up is pending. LET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW! THEY WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Regional Boundary Changes Announced! Kathy is aware that there are likely to be a lot of questions surrounding the recently announced regional boundary changes. She plans to collect questions, then try to answer as many of them as she can at one time, either via written or verbal report. Feel free to e-mail any of your questions or concerns to Kathy or to any of the CMT members. Remember...we are all in this together :)

See's Candy Sales: Buy your See's candy now, because when it is gone, we will be discontinuing this fundraising effort. The good news is, we are finally in the black in terms of sales, so anything from here on out is profit!