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CMT Meeting Highlights - November

posted Nov 20, 2011, 9:24 PM by Unknown user
Poinsettia Sale - The chorus has made a profit of $314.50 from our poinsettia sale this year, with a total of 76 plants sold. Extra poinsettias will be ordered to sell at the Christmas Cabaret. The management team initiated a discussion about whether the poinsettia sale should be continued next year, as it so closely over-laps the annual nut sales. Please contact any member of the management team to express your opinion about continuing or discontinuing this fundraiser.

Contest Costumes - As reported previously, an effort has been made to update our contest costumes at a minimal cost. A fringe will be added to the pink costume collar, to add some flow and extra "zing" to our choreography. The fringe will be handed out at the December 29th rehearsal, with the hope that all costumes will be completed by the "Advance" retreat. 

Business Cards - The chorus has new business cards! A supply of them will be kept in the front of the chorus mailbox file, and one will be placed in each new member"s folder. We currently have a limited supply of 500 cards, but each chorus member should carry a few to hand out, particularly at performances and other public events.

Advance - The cost of Advance is $73.00 per member this year. The Chorus will contribute $10.00/member toward this cost, bringing the individual out-of-pocket down to $63.00. This is a very reasonable price for an awesome weekend of singing, skill building and fun! More info to follow.

Winter is approaching - The CMT is making an effort to establish a system for contacting members in the event that rehearsal is cancelled. In the near future you will be asked to indicate whether you plan to check your e-mail for cancellation info, or whether you need to be contacted by phone. Your timely responses will help us to help you!