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CMT Highlights - June 2012

posted Jun 6, 2012, 10:18 PM by Unknown user
The first meeting of the newly elected CMT took place June 2nd at the home of Crystal Sublette. Included below are some of the highlights of the items discussed:

1) More Singing - Many chorus members have stated that they would like to have more opportunities to perform. We would really like to make this a priority, and need you, the chorus members, to help us seek out and schedule these "gigs". Singing events can be paid or non-paid. They can include the full chorus, an octet, a quartet or anything in between. If you, or several of, you would like to be in charge of looking for performance opportunities, please contact Jill Nishbal, our performance coordinator. Let's get out there and SING! 

2) $$$ - Many of you will recall our brainstorming session a few weeks ago targeting chorus fundraising ideas. After the storm settled and the voting was completed, the top 4 choices were (in no particular order): #1 The Scrip Program, #2 Used book rental/sales, #3 Restaurant fundraiser for non-profit organizations, and #4 Bingo at Spirit Mountain Casino. We are now asking members to step forward who would like to chair one or more of these fundraisers. Please contact Laurie Burk to let her know of your interest. 

3) Organizational Issues: With the growth of the chorus, we have outgrown several of our "spaces". In the next few weeks, Judy Kroll, Membership Chair, will be re-organizing/re-purposing the chorus mailbox. In addition, Kathy Scheel and others are going to start cleaning out and re-organizing the chorus file cabinet. What old treasures might she find?

4) Wanted: Women who know Excel! As the CMT finalizes and initiates the Chorus Incentive Program, we need to enlist someone who knows Excel well to Chair the program, and tally each members points on a spreadsheet. Come know you love those little boxes!

5) The BIG Show: Lastly, the CMT discussed a possible alternative to our usual Christmas Concert for this next year. The idea was brought forth to expand the Friends and Family show to include ticket sales, a silent auction, and a larger, more music-friendly venue. Talks are in the early stages. It was decided that an Autumn A'Capella would not be feasible due to lack of adequate preparation time and due to the timing of Kathy's vacation. Please contact any member of the CMT if you have input, ideas or questions.