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CMT Highlights - January 2013

posted Jan 15, 2013, 4:42 PM by Kathy Scheel
Following are the highlights from the January management team meeting:
  1. APRIL 13 SHOW:  Lori McGinty and Laurie Burk will co-chair the show.  They will be looking for volunteers in the next couple weeks to participate in various show responsibilities such as tickets, ads, programs, etc. (refer to the newsletter published last month).  Please VOLUNTEER.
  2. REGION 24 CONVENTION/COMPETITION, April 25-28, Boise, ID:  Sue McCaleb has graciously accepted the position of Convention Coordinator for OSC.  She has reserved 16 two-queen rooms at the Hampton Inn for OSC, in addition to a banquet room for our Saturday morning breakfast.  If you have not already done so, please contact Sue with your travel information.
  3. SECRET SISTERS:  We will be starting up the Secret Sisters program again soon.  This short-term, fun program will begin at the upcoming Advance (Feb 22-24) and end at the installation banquet in May.  More details to follow.
  4. OSC LOGO:  Linda Barker is still looking for a new OSC logo for our business cards and other marketing materials.  Please submit your design ideas to Linda.
  5. CANCELLATION PROCEDURE:  Crystal Sublette will be posting an updated rehearsal cancellation procedure soon.  The basis of the procedure is that ALL members check their emails or text messages beefore leaving for rehearsal on Thursdays.  A few membesr who require phone calls will be notified that way.
  6. FOOD DRIVE:  It was reported that 323 pounds of food was delivered to the Southeast Salem Neighborhood Community Center following our Dec 13 show and food drive.  This provided meals for 260 people!  Awesome!
  7. SURVEY:  A survey will be sent to all members for immediately completion regarding several subjects (i.e., Feb 9 performance, flower sales, etc.). Watch for it - and respond quickly!