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August CMT Highlights

posted Aug 22, 2012, 2:12 PM by Unknown user
I hope you are all enjoying your summer! The sunshine is so welcome and wonderful!

1) Speaking of sunshine, please take time to welcome and thank our new Sunshine Chair, Diana Nicholson-Nelson! As the Sunshine Chair, Diana will be in charge of sending congratulations and condolences on behalf of the chorus to members, friends and family. Please let her know if there is someone that you would like her to be in contact with.

2) Lori McGinty, Event Chair, is in the process of making roommate assignments for our February Advance retreat. If you have not specified who you would like to room with, please let her know ASAP. Otherwise, it will be completed by the luck of the draw.

3) Don't forget about the Lip Sync Contest scheduled to take place during rehearsal on September 13th! Get a group together, pick out a tune and practice it up.....the wackier the better!  Laughter IS the best medicine :)

4) Thanks also go out to Lisa Fieber, Finance Chair. She was able to purchase a refurbished laptop and download both the Quickbooks and Excel programs onto it. This laptop will now be passed on to each successive Finance Chair, easing their transition by providing the necessary programs and past chorus financial history immediately. Great going Lisa!